You have a birthday party, wedding or other celebration?

Let your guests
fund a gift for you
on wishbase!

How it works

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No more silly gifts:

wishbase helps you to make your special wish come true!

Make it easy for your guests to contribute to the right gift that you really want to have. For example, for your birthday, wedding, housewarming or childbirth.

More people = bigger gift

On wishbase a variety of groups can pool money together. No matter if the people know each other or not - all act in concert on wishbase.

And if all people that you have invited participate, you will receive a gift that you might never be able to afford on your own!

wishbase makes collecting money very simple


You just tell your guests how much money you need to fulfill your dreamgift.


Your guests can "contribute" to your wish online, fast and simple by visiting a link - no matter where or when.


After the collecting period is finished, you just fulfill your wish!

  • Quick and handy - without organization work for you and all participants
  • You and your guests see who joins and how the funds grow
  • People who sponsor together don't need to know each other - all invitees can participate
  • No registration needed to take part in sponsoring - Only you, as the host, need to register for free
  • Fast and secure payments via your PayPal account

You + Your guests = Happy

Unleash your imagination

Your gift does not need to be a product because on wishbase you can fulfill every wish:

How about a sailing trip? A wellness weekend? Or attending a soccer match with your friends?